Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Family Care Foundation
Family care foundation provides humanitarian services and support to grassroots organizations in developing countries. FCF's relief and development network of mission partners provides both emergency services and sustained development in 50 countries
International Aid - Grant Montgomery
The west's global responsibilities: only about 10% of the U. S. Foundation grants, and less than 2% of all U. S. Philanthropy --2 cents on the dollar-- goes overseas. And very little gets down to the grassroots, to the people in need.
Our Success Partnership
Our success partnership is a self-improvement ezine and blog that discusses in real-life terms how you can leading a wealthy and successful life.
Personal Injury Lawyer, Attorney, Tax Attorney And Lawyers
Find an attorney, attorneys directory. Find a lawyer. Get more information about attorneys in your area. Attorney finder helps you locate attorneys nationwide for help with your legal problems.
Pokrov-spiritual Association Of Esoteric
This site is for those who need help of a psychic, parapsychologist and an untraditional medicine. This site is devoted to a varieties of problems, persons abilities - such as intellectual, traditionally studying parapsychology, also extrasensory. .