Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Little by Little, Quietly, and Heart by Heart

Andrea and Fee, the headliners at a benefit concert held at the Chosun Hotel, slowly packed up and prepared to head back to their hometown in Ireland.

The money raised on this day was sent to the 'Ton-a-Month' (TAM) Club and also the 'Helping Hands Korea' (HHK). The TAM was created in order to provide aid for people starving in North Korea and HHK was established to help former North Koreans residing in China. These two NGOs are based in Seoul and represent the fruits of Tim Peters' efforts.

"Fortunately, because of the donations of facilities by the Chosun Hotel and the services provided by Andrea and Fee, we were able to put on the concert with minimal costs, which was extremely satisfying," said Mr. Peters who sponsored the charity concert.

This is the fifth charity session that Mr. Peters has held on behalf of the people starving in North Korea. With the money raised from these functions, Mr. Peters has sent corn and flour to North Korea via a third country. "One ton of corn can be sent to North Korea with 200,000 Korean won," he said.

"We should do our best to help the people who seem unable to help themselves," he said when asked why he participated in charity activities to benefit N. Koreans. Last month Mr. Peters visited the border between China and North Korea. He saw the images of suffering and hardship, which he said, will forever be ingrained in his mind.

Mr. Peters first arrived in Korea in May of 1975. He met his wife, Kim Sun-mi. He promises that in the future "little by little, quietly, and heart by heart" he will offer an outstretched hand to the starving people in North Korea and the former North Koreans in China.

[From article by Kim Miyoung in Chosun Ilbo]

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