Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Korean American Students Urged to Take Action

Students, and professors gathered to see devastating footage displaying the tragic lives of North Korean Children suffering from starvation and abuse, at an event hosted by Liberty in North Korea (LINK) Los Angeles Chapter. LINK, which was founded on March 27, 2004 at the Eighteenth Annual Korean American Students Conference at Yale University, has over 70 chapters in U.S colleges and cities.

“Our mission is first to educate the public on what is happening in North Korea such as human rights violations, and second to take action, getting people to take action with what they’ve learned,” said Candice Hyon, 20, LINK coordinator for UCLA. “This is our second movie screening at UCLA and watching these films really opens people’s eyes to what is happening in North Korea.”

The shocking documentary lasting 45mintues revealed horrifying levels of starvation in North Korea, particularly among its children who were starving to death while food sent from U.S and Red Cross were sold to others in the market.

According to the ‘Children of the Secret State,’ out of 23 million North Koreans, 200,000 children are orphans and homeless, foraging for food in the mud and gutters. They are ignored by the adults, and the state which claims it cares for them.

Footage also portrayed scenes of human rights violations by North Korean soldiers where prisoners and children were brutally stoned to death while women were constantly raped, and those who were pregnant stabbed and murdered with their stomachs split open.

[Excerpt of article by Samuel Kim, ChristanityToday.com]

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