Friday, July 07, 2006

Big Brother China not speaking out against North Korea

The Washington Post included this piece on North Korea’s beligerance concerning recent missile tests:
“Our military will continue with missile launch drills in the future as part of efforts to strengthen self-defense deterrent,” said a North Korean Foreign Ministry statement published by the country’s official news agency. “If anyone intends to dispute or add pressure about this, we will have to take stronger physical actions in other forms,” said the statement.

And despite the worldwide uproar, what does Big Brother China have to say about Little Brother NK’s missile tests?
“I don’t think China will take at this moment stronger political or economic action against North Korea,” said Chu Shulong, a political science professor at Tsinghua University and expert in international security.
“We Chinese believe basically, fundamentally it is not our problem, the missile launch problem. It’s a problem between North Korea and the U.S., it’s a problem between the DPRK and Japan, it might be a problem between North Korea and South Korea. But basically it’s not a China problem.”

Kind of how the North Korean refugees in China is also “not a China problem.”

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