Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Senseless Killing in North Korea

The job of fifty-three-year-old Chul-min Kim, was to drive trolleys that transported coal within "the complete control zone" of camp 14 in Kaechon of Southern Pyong-an province.

One day, he saw some chestnuts roll down the mountain slope and stop in front of his trolley. Chul-min stopped on the tracks to pick up the chestnuts.

A nearby security guard spotted Chul-min as he began to gather the nuts.

Upon reaching Chul-min, the guard started kicking him and became increasingly violent. His anger mounting, soon the hard soles of his boots were laying heavy blows to poor Chul-min's head.

Finally, the guard drew a pistol from a pocket in his uniform, held down Chul-min's head with one foot and blew a hole in the forehead of the horrified victim.

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