Saturday, December 02, 2006

Anti-Americanism in South Korea

An excerpt of an article by Cindy Sheehan, peace activist and mother of Casey Sheehan who was KIA in Iraq (Written in Daechuri, near Pyong-taek City, South Korea.)

Miles before our bus reached the village on the evening of November 20th, we were stopped by approximately 200 South Korean riot police, who were decked out in their full riot regalia with bullet-proof shields. We were traveling with Father Moon, an elderly Buddhist priest who has been an advocate for the villagers for a few years now.

Finally, in what the villagers said was an unprecedented move, they allowed us entry into the village (after we passed another heavily guarded checkpoint). Visitors are rarely allowed to go in. Why? Because the village of Daechuri is under siege, and the governments [involved: South Korea and the United States of America] don't want the world to see.

The village of Daechuri has the unmitigated gall to be located next to a US military base, Camp Humphreys, which is slated for an eleven-billion dollar expansion that would include a golf course for the use of soldiers stationed there. The only problem is that the village of Daechuri and their thousands of acres of farmland, mostly rice paddies, are in the way of the juggernaut of US military expansion.

The people of Daechuri have been cut off from their farmlands by razor wire, guard towers, and armed foot patrols.

I took a straw poll of about 400 South Koreans, and 100% of them said that George Bush is far more frightening than Kim Jong-Il.

You can bet your turkey leftovers that North Korea is watching these developments very closely.


The Commentator said...

That's scary that they think that. America's PR division is a mess.

Grant Montgomery said...

Well, this is not an isolated opinion: A recent poll of British voters indicated they felt that President Bush is more of a threat to world peace than the leaders of North Korea, and Iran!

Three-quarters of Brits felt that Bush presented a great or moderate threat to peace in the world, bested only by Osama bin Laden (at 87 per cent).

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