Saturday, January 20, 2007

Indicator of North Korean Food Shortage

On New Year's Day this year, North Korea skipped giving extra food rations to its people, except the elite citizens of Pyongyang, a South Korean aid group [Good Friends] says a possible sign the country's food situation may be worsening.

New Year's Day is a major holiday in North Korea and the communist regime doles out special rations to its hunger-stricken population of 23 million.

Citizens in the capital of Pyongyang received three days of extra rations and more special rations were given to medium-level government officials living there, the group said.

Early this month, a North Korean Agriculture Ministry official claimed that the country's grain production last year was not bad and the country was not facing any impending food crisis, according to a pro-North Korea paper in Japan.

[Associated Press]

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Booted Cat said...

I recommend this short movie mocking Kim Jong Il and his secret agent buying Hennessy XO wine from Chinese black market :=)