Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Seoul Train Wins at Human Rights Film Festival in Washington

The first Shenzhou International Film Festival took place in Washington D. C. on Sunday, July 15, with several of the filmmakers in attendance. Instead of the typical hierarchy of prizes, just two awards were given: One for Courage, and the other for Justice.

Film Festival Organizer Jingwei Wang explained that the festival has three main themes: exposing the crimes of the Chinese Communist Party, examining human rights issues, and helping to stop the persecution of innocent people.

In the Courage category, the winning film was Seoul Train. With its riveting footage of a secretive "underground railroad", it is a gripping documentary exposé into the life and death of North Koreans as they try to escape their homeland and China, where if caught, will be forcefully deported back to North Korea to dire consequences. Adrian Hong of Liberty in North Korea (LINK), whose full-time job is relocating North Korean refugees in China to a safe, third country, accepted the award on behalf of Jim Butterworth, Lisa Sleeth, and Aaron Lubarsky, the film directors.

[Excerpt of an article by Lidia Louk, Epoch Times]

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