Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rescue News from Helping Hands Korea

Helping Hands Korea partnered with another NGO to support the cost of sheltering 14 refugee orphans in China. Of the 14, eleven are so-called “2nd Wave orphans”, that is, offspring of trafficked North Korean women and the Chinese men who ‘purchased’ these vulnerable women. Such North Korean women, who have no Chinese ID, are oftentimes caught by Chinese police and repatriated to North Korea. In such tragic circumstances, the children become even more vulnerable

In addition, Helping Hands Korea arranged for the sheltering of one family of four for a year, while continuing to support on a month-by-month basis 54 other North Korean refugees living in the mountains & wilderness areas of China.

One refugee whose escape was supported by Helping Hands Korea, was part of the group of four refugees who boldly dashed into the Danish embassy in Vietnam and found sanctuary there. (Related to this situation, Tim was interviewed by BBC’s Vietnamese Service on the plight of the North Korean refugees.)

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