Tuesday, March 03, 2009

UN command meetings with North Korea continue

North Korea and the United Nations Command will hold additional military talks today and Friday as tension mounts along the inter-Korean border, South Korean officials said yesterday on condition of anonymity.

North Korean ranking officer Kwak Yong-hun will likely participate in today’s talks while U.S. Army Col. Kurt Taylor will act as his counterpart, the official said.

In the Monday meeting, which lasted a little more than 30 minutes, the North demanded South Korea and the U.S. drop their plan to hold a joint annual drill scheduled for March 9 - 20, a South Korean official said. Pyongyang has also declared void all its past military agreements with Seoul, warning of an armed clash along their UN-drawn western sea border.

North Korea on Saturday condemned the United States, saying it has increased provocative moves inside the demilitarized zone that cuts across the peninsula. The United States said it has conducted routine monitoring activities.


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