Thursday, September 24, 2009

North Korean refugees seek refuge in Danish Embassy Hanoi

A group of North Koreans have applied for political asylum at the Danish embassy in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi.

Ole Brix Andersen, a Foreign Ministry official, said the group appeared to be North Korean but would give no further information on their identity.

Andersen told TV2 News that the embassy was currently cooperating with the individuals and relevant authorities in the affected countries. The official also confirmed the asylum seekers would be allowed to stay at the embassy until the cases had been clarified.

A South Korean activist who helped the group seek asylum, told Reuters news agency that a total of nine North Koreans had applied for asylum - a couple, a mother and daughter and five individuals.

The asylum seekers had reportedly fled North Korea at different times, with some previously being caught by Chinese authorities and returned to their homeland.

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