Monday, November 16, 2009

French Envoy Talks with North Korea

CBS reports French President Nicolas Sarkozy's special envoy to North Korea met with North Korean officials there, including No. 2 leader Kim Yong Nam, about sensitive issues including nuclear proliferation and human rights.

Jack Lang, a former French culture minister, returned this weekend from a five-day mission to explore possible diplomatic ties between France and the communist country.

Asked about the difficult topics of nuclear proliferation and the country's labor camps, Lang said they were "two subjects Korean leaders and I discussed at great length."

Lang said North Korean officials insisted that "today there is no transfer of fissile or ballistic materials outside of Korea." Lang said he was taking the statement seriously.

Lang says his personal opinion on how to engage the regime is to tackle one issue at a time. "If we try to settle everything all at once, we won't settle anything," he said.

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