Tuesday, August 31, 2010

S.Korea offers flood aid to North Korea

South Korea has offered 10 billion won in emergency aid to North Korea to help with recovery from floods that ravaged the destitute state, a government official said. The offer was made through the South Korean Red Cross and includes emergency food, relief materials and first aid kits.

The offer, if accepted by Pyongyang, would be the first large scale aid from Seoul since the sinking of one of the South's navy ships, the Chenoan, in March that it blamed on a submarine attack by the North. 

Seoul's offer came a few hours after Washington unveiled additional sanctions against the North.
Heavy rains in July and August hit the North's northern region bordering China and its eastern provinces, forcing thousands from their homes and putting farmland under water.
The United States expanded financial sanctions against the North amid signs that the isolated state, under intense economic pressure stemming from international condemnation for its provocations, is hoping for an early resumption of arms talks.

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