Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gifts for North Korea's Kim Jong-Un derailed

A train packed with birthday gifts for North Korea's leader-in-waiting Kim Jong-un derailed this month in a possible act of sabotage, reports a Seoul-based radio station.

Open Radio for North Korea, a non-profit station which often cites sources in the reclusive, impoverished North, said the train laden with gifts including televisions and watches came off the rails on December 11 near North Korea's border with China near the city of Sinuiju.

"The tracks and rail beds are so old it is possible there was decay in the wood or nails that secured the tracks could have been dislodged but the extent of damage to the tracks and the timing of the incident points to a chance that someone intentionally damaged the tracks," the source said. "It's highly likely that it was someone who is opposed to succession to Kim Jong-un."


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