Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Heir apparent Kim Jong-un apparently a father

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s two younger sons ― heir apparent Kim Jong-un and Kim Jong-chul, 29 ― both have children, Japanese TV Asahi has reported.

The news is the latest in the barrage of information or rumors about the third-generation in the isolated regime’s royal family. 

Jong-un’s child was born sometime between fall and winter last year, a TV Asahi report said. Jong-chul’s child was born last August.   

There was no mention of who the mothers were or whether the children were male or female. The speculation was that ailing Kim Jong-il was pushing for his children to create offspring as he looks to secure a power transfer to his heir and youngest son, Jong-un, 28.

Earlier this week, both South Korean and Japanese media released photos of Jong-chul at an Eric Clapton concert on Valentine’s Day. He was accompanied by a young woman who was speculated to be either his wife, or his younger sister, Yo-jong, 24.

Jong-chul, Jong-un and Yo-jong were born to Japanese born-dancer Ko Young-hee, the second wife to the North Korea leader.

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