Monday, April 24, 2006

Tim Peters in TIME magazine: North Korean Refugees

Today's TIME magzine has an aricle on the escape of a North Korean refugee, "Running Out of the Darkness", in which Tim Peters and Helping Hands Korea is featured. This is derived from the Asia edition of TIME, in which Tim was featured in the cover story "Long Walk to Freedom":

"On a winter's day in late 1998, Kim Myong Suk, 20, lay shivering and weak from hunger on the cold concrete floor of a cell in a prison camp in North Korea, not far from the Chinese border. She was five months pregnant and was about to lose her unborn child. Of all the horrors she recalls from that day, she says, two stand out. One is that her sister, who lived in a nearby town, had been brought in to watch what was about to happen to her. The other is the name of North Korean guard, the man who she says killed her unborn child.

"It's just before dawn, the daily chaos of noise and traffic still hours away. Kim (a pseudonym she used to protect her family in North Korea) is about to meet, for the first time, the men responsible for saving her life. One is Kim Sang Hun, a lay Christian from Seoul. The other is the Rev. Tim Peters, a soft-spoken evangelical Christian pastor.

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