Sunday, April 16, 2006

The work of Helping Hands Korea

The work of Helping Hands Korea covers three main areas of concentration.

Focus # 1 - Refugee Shelters
1. Project addresses the plight of 300,000 North Korean refugees in China
2. North Korean refugees live in fear 24/7; stripped of any legal ID or rights in China
3. Repatriation to DPRK can mean detention, torture or execution

Focus #2 - Underground Railroad
1. Certain North Korean refugees face greater danger if caught & repatriated to North Korea.
a. “Repeat offenders”—border crossers who’ve been caught & sent back
b. Christians are considered dangerous political enemies of the State
c. Those who have relatives in prison camps
d. Weak or seriously ill refugees would probably perish if returned to North Korea.

Focus #3 - Feeding the Vulnerable
1. Begun in 1996 as North Korea’s famine grew gravely serious, our humanitarian food aid program concentrates on non-traditional delivery and monitoring methods.
2. Originating with a concentration on raw grain deliveries, esp. corn and rice, the project now focuses on actual food preparation in China, with direct deliveries to schools & orphanages inside North Korea.

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