Thursday, September 28, 2006

Personal note from Tim Peters re: North Korean Underground Railroad

We just wrapped up a summit meeting of Underground Railroad activists, gathering folks from a number of countries.

So Japanese and Korean leaders, as well as a top underground Chinese church leader, etc. were able to brainstorm new strategies as the Chinese continue to crackdown with the runup to the Olympics approaching.

General consensus was that our meetings were fruitful. and that by the grace of God!

A rep from DC attended several hours of our meetings and gave a speech to us, and then had to listen to us (courteously-ha!) lambast the US diplomatic missions abroad for their over-caution in implementing the NKHR Act on the ground in tougher environments, e.g. Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and of course, China.

On other fronts, I just returned from the Lao-Thai border a week back, assisting in the successful rescue of 7 North Korean refugees. [See BBC television coverage on this, "Escaping from North Korea", at the following URL: ]

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