Sunday, February 25, 2007

10 escaped North Korean guards caught

10 of the 20 border guards who defected to China last Feb 4th are known to have been arrested by groups led by North Korean authorities and are currently being held in custody waiting return to North Korea.

A North Korean inside source informed on the 20th, "10 of the border guards who defected have already been arrested and escorted back to North Korea" and "It seems that the punishment for these defectors has already been ruled."

He said "Of the arrested, it seems that a decision has been made to punish the guard in the highest position with open fire."

More recently, North Korean authorities dispatched a team of investigators from the National Safety Agency to China, in order to arrest the defected guards and have been conducting operations in collaboration with the Chinese National Security Bureau. The whereabouts of the remaining defected guards has yet to be known.

[Read article at The Daily NK]

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