Saturday, February 24, 2007

North Korean Underground Railroad News

Under Helping Hands Korea’s sponsorship, in January seven more North Koreans made their way to safety under the guidance of one of our partners.

Three of the five are particularly unique, including a 65 year-old woman who had been given a 7-yr. prison sentence simply for being caught praying, obviously a crime inside North Korea!

Two of her family members are in the group rescued. We are thrilled to report that the three have made it out of China, but remain for now in a third country, still needing to make one final crossing to a safe haven in order to take them out of harm’s way.

Getting through six barbed wire fences, then crossing two roads controlled by the Chinese border patrol is a daunting task, but so many of the refugees look to the Lord’s power to sustain and light their pathway.

Another five refugees were provided resources to hide in a shelter in a remote area of China. They will be provided with six months’ lodging, food, clothing as well as the companionship and encouragement of an ethnic Korean-Chinese couple.

Additionally, Helping Hands Korea was given the privilege of sponsoring the leukemia treatment of a devoted Korean-Chinese teacher in an secret orphanage, where children of repatriated North Korean refugee women are harbored (the Chinese fathers having abandoned them.)

[--Excerpt from a communication from Tim Peters, Helping Hands Korea]

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