Saturday, March 31, 2007

One Ear to the Ground with the Underground Grapevine

Typical of the dangers of sub-zero temperatures in the China-North Korean border region, a North Korean refugee recently became isolated after his crossing of the Tumen River and only when his frostbite became advanced did he call out for help.

Helping Hands Korea responded to his plea through the ‘underground grapevine’, providing the necessary funds for his medical care. Tragically however, he had lost a number of his toes by the time a doctor’s care could be arranged. We are at least grateful that the damage was not worse, had he neglected his condition even longer.

In light of the dangers of this heartbreaking situation above, Helping Hands Korea renewed its partnership with a faithful missionary in the border area to shelter 50 refugees for the next three brutally cold months.

--Tim Peters, Helping Hands Korea

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