Sunday, July 20, 2008

North Korean Asylum Seekers

South Korea is willing to help authorities in London identify more than 400 people seeking asylum in Britain saying they are North Korean defectors, the foreign ministry here said.

London wants to determine if their claims to be North Korean defectors is genuine. Yonhap news agency said the South Korean government would run the fingerprints against those in its database and if they match, his or her chances to be granted a second asylum in Britain will seriously diminish.

A leading activist and Christian pastor, Chun Ki-Won, who has helped many North Korean defectors to arrive in South Korea said "almost all" of the applicants in Britain were North Koreans who had failed to adapt to life in the South and are seeking a second asylum there.


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Eric Avebury said...

I am tabling the following question in the House of Lords:

Lord Avebury to ask Her Majesty’s Government

What response they have received from the government of South Korea for help in identifying some 450 persons claiming asylum in the UK as North Koreans, and whether, in the case of individuals whose fingerprints have been taken for the EURODAC computer system, there is no match with the South Korean national fingerprint system, this information will be given to the applicant’s legal representative