Wednesday, July 23, 2008

North Korean defector leaves Russia for US

A North Korean defector has left Russia for the United States, the latest refugee to be accepted under a 2004 human rights law, South Korean activist Rev. Chun Ki-won said Wednesday.

Han Dong Man, a 42-year-old former lumberjack, was expected to arrive in Los Angeles, California, late Tuesday, the told The Associated Press.

Han went to Russia in 1993 under a state-sanctioned program, but he escaped the North's control in 1998 and spent almost a decade there before securing refugee status from the United Nations in 2007, Chun said.

North Korea sends lumberjacks to Russia as way of bringing much-needed hard currency into the closed country.

The latest refugee raised to 62 the total number of North Koreans accepted into the U.S. since 2004, Chun said.


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Eric Avebury said...

Have you any information about Korean refugees in the UK? Apparently there are reports in the South Korean media about the Home Office trying to verify the nationality of some 450 persons claiming to be North Korean refugees here. The Refugee Council and the UK Immigration Practitioners Association say they have no knowledge ofthe matter. My email is and my blog