Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kim Il Sung ideals on America live on in North Korea

As speculation of a successor continues, to North Koreans, the ideals Kim Il Sung set forth still live on. Most wear a portrait of his country's "eternal leader" Kim Il Sung pinned over his heart, a sign of allegiance to a man dead for years.

In addition to clinging to the hope of "Juche"--Kim's religion of self-reliance--North Koreans also are bound together by a common enemy --- America.

North Korea maintains the fourth-largest army in the world in a constant state of readiness. World War II-style propaganda billboards depict a fist smashing into North America. North Koreans think of Americans as the "imperialists" who caused the division between North and South.

In contrast, most Americans rarely give North Korea much thought.

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