Monday, January 12, 2009

North Korean forecast: "Upheavals ..Two big stars will fall" in 2009

Having developed a reputation as someone who has visions of the future, the 61-year-old head of Hooam Future Institute, Cha Kil-jin, offers a glimpse into the near future.

"North Korea, a master at the tactics of brinkmanship, will undergo upheavals triggered not by external factors but by an internal collapse," he stated. "In 2009, a stepping stone that may lead to unification will appear."

According to Cha, "two big stars will fall" in 2009. By two stars, he means two influential leaders. Though Cha did not reveal who those two stars are, one potential interpretation would include North Korea's leader Kim Jong-il.

In regards to North Korea, Cha stated that "an event will occur that will serve as both a crisis for [South Korea] and as an opportunity for unification."

Cha also predicted that there would be a shift in power away from the Atlantic Ocean and towards the Pacific Ocean. "The Atlantic powers, represented by Great Britain and America, are giving way to the Pacific powers. In the approaching age of the Pacific, Asia will rise as an alternate power to America," he stated, hinting that China would play a central role.

[Korean Herald]

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