Friday, February 06, 2009

Allied strategy needed for North Korea

The United States and South Korea should adjust their alliance to achieve the peaceful unification of Korea peacefully and patiently over time. Features of the new alliance strategy should include:

- Mutual allied commitments to the defense of South Korea and the United States as vital national interests.
- Mutual allied commitments to conduct transparent, verifiable and mutually beneficial transactions with North Korea on trade, economic assistance, and humanitarian aid.
- Increased efforts to educate and inform North Koreans about their plight compared to other countries.
- Increased humanitarian measures to assist North Korean refugees in China and elsewhere.
- Amnesty and re-education for North Koreans who have helped perpetuate a cruel system of governance and the suffering of the North Korean people. Amnesty is essential to encourage North Koreans in positions of authority to work toward the envisioned end state.

[Excerpt of an article by Paul Chamberlin, Washington Times]

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