Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More propaganda leaflets and money float into North Korea

South Korean activists floated their propaganda leaflets towards North Korea from the Freedom Bridge south of the DMZ on the 67th birthday of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. A dozen or so South Korean activists sent 20,000 leaflets and North Korean won banknotes, the highest denomination, attached to two helium balloons.

The leaflets include a list of South Koreans abducted by the North, an article urging repatriation of the victims, speculation about Kim's health, and a message to the North. "We're sending these leaflets and money as a symbol today," said Choi Sung-yong, president of Family Assembly Abducted to North Korea.

Also present at the event was Suzanne Scholte, who heads the Defense Forum Foundation.

The South Korean Unification Ministry has urged the activists to desist, saying they could provide the North with an excuse to "escalate the situation."

But Choi was unrepentant. "It isn't because of the leaflets that inter-Korean relations are strained."

[Chosun Ilbo]

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