Monday, July 20, 2009

Kim Jong-il's son #2 dreamed of a nuke-free world

Maybe there's hope in the next generation afterall. Kim Jong-chol, the second son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, wrote a poem dreaming of a world without weapons and atomic bombs while he was at school in Switzerland, the July 27 edition of Newsweek reports.

One of his poems, written when he was a sixth or seventh grader in the mid-1990s, is called "My Ideal World."

"If I had my ideal world I would not allow weapons and atom bombs anymore," wrote Jong-chol.

The International School in Berne told Newsweek that Jong-chol, registered as "Park Chol", arrived at ISB in a limousine in the fall 1992, when he was a fourth grader, and was with a student who looked older, apparently a bodyguard, Newsweek said.

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