Monday, July 06, 2009

Reactions in Seoul to North Korea’s missile tests

ABC News reports South Korea’s concern about the improved accuracy of North Korea's ballistic missile launches.Old tests were fraught with problems of reliability and accuracy, but new tests at the weekend have military chiefs worried. South Korean intelligence say five out of the seven ballistic missiles hit their target area after flying nearly 500 kilometres.

Rodong missiles have the capability of striking anywhere in South Korea, not to speak of reaching Tokyo.

As to the reaction on the street in Seoul, few South Koreans seem to bat an eyelid when the North breathes its fire and brimstone.

"I think they are just bluffing," one person says.

"I think the threat is now a little bit more serious than before, but it's not that serious that I have to worry."

"I don't feel threatened by their missile launches at all," another man says. "This is the way North Korea conducts diplomacy.”

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