Friday, August 21, 2009

China used U.S. journalists' footage to crack down on North Korean refugees

Video footage shot by the two U.S. TV journalists who were detained in North Korea after filming on the Chinese border was used by China to round up North Korean refugees.

China also deported one South Korean human rights activist who is seen in the footage and closed five orphanages that had protected North Korean children.

Chinese police also confiscated related materials including list of activists working for North Korean refugees in China, data on North Korean orphans, and video footage showing North Korean women who had been sold to farmers in the Chinese countryside and/or who were made to appear in porn videos.

The claims were made Thursday by Lee Chan-woo (71), a pastor with the Durihana Mission, a South Korean organization that aids North Korean defectors. Lee was caught and deported by Chinese police for helping the two Current TV reporters.

[Source: Chosun Journal]

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