Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Good news of release of Laura Ling and Euna Lee

The good news is that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has pardoned and ordered the release of two U.S. journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, state-run news agency KCNA said Wednesday.

---Despite the groveling: "Clinton expressed words of sincere apology to Kim Jong Il for the hostile acts committed by the two American journalists against the DPRK after illegally intruding into it," the news agency reported.

--Definitely stretching it beyond measure, "The measure taken to release the American journalists is a manifestation of the DPRK's humanitarian and peace-loving policy."

--Though dialogue itself is good: "The meetings had candid and in-depth discussions on the pending issues between the DPRK and the U.S. in a sincere atmosphere and reached a consensus of views on seeking a negotiated settlement of them."

Nevertheless, we can all rejoice with the families: "The families of Laura Ling and Euna Lee are overjoyed by the news of their pardon. We are so grateful to our government: President Obama, Secretary Clinton and the U.S. State Department for their dedication to and hard work on behalf of American citizens. We especially want to thank President Bill Clinton for taking on such an arduous mission and Vice President Al Gore for his tireless efforts to bring Laura and Euna home."

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