Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Kim Jong-il suffering depression

The Chosun Ilbo quotes Ha Tae-keung, the head of Open Radio for North Korea, that North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is suffering from depression.

"Kim gets angry and fretful so often that his aides don't dare to look him in the face when reporting to him," Ha claimed. "He has also cut the number of on-the-spot guidance tours by less than half" so his third son and heir apparent Jong-un is undertaking them on his behalf.

Ha said Kim junior is being briefed by major agencies, while Pak Nam-gi, who has been dismissed from his post as the director of the Planning and Finance Department of the Workers Party for the recent bungled currency reform, has been replaced by a close aide to Kim Jong-un.

"It seems that transition of power has been nearly completed," he added.

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