Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Activist propaganda balloons continue into North Korea

South Korean activists launched propaganda leaflets attached to helium balloons across the border to North Korea from a park at Imjingak just south of the demilitarized zone on Tuesday.

The 10 balloons carried some 100,000 leaflets and 300 CDs describing the North Korea's torpedoing and sinking the Navy corvette Cheonan plus a thousand US$1 notes, according to activist Park Sang-hak. "It's been less than six months since the North attacked the Cheonan but it’s already fading away from people’s memory," he said. "It's dangerous that young South Koreans seem to forget the fact that the two Koreas are in permanent confrontation."

Choi Sung-yong, another activist, said the entire nation "should condemn Pyongyang over the Cheonan sinking, and it's distressing that some organizations side with the North."

"We floated the leaflets to the North to tell North Koreans the truth about the North’s invasion of the South that caused tremendous sacrifice and misfortunes among the Korean people," Park said. Some 300 members of various South Korean activist organizations were at the launch.

[Chosun Ilbo]

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