Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Film on North Korean Refugees Nominated for Emmy

"Crossing Heaven's Border," PBS's edited version of "On The Border", on the plight of North Korean refugees along the border with China, has been nominated for an Emmy Award. This is the first time a Korean-made documentary has been nominated.

"Crossing Heaven's Border" is a re-cut of the Chosun Ilbo documentary "On The Border" about trafficking of North Korean women in China, the plight of laborers in Russia's logging camps, and a 10,000-km journey by defectors through the jungles of Southeast Asia to escape arrest in China.

It was first shown by the Chosun Ilbo in March of 2008 and picked up by around 20 foreign broadcasters including PBS, BBC, Japan's TBS and Germany's ARD. It has won some 16 prizes at events like the Monte Carlo TV Festival and the Rory Peck awards.

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