Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kim Jong Un, now four-star general and vice chairman of the North Korean Workers Party

Kim Jong Un, the youngest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, was named vice chairman of the Workers Party of Korea's central military commission, North Korea's state news agency reported Tuesday.
Kim Jong Un, who is widely expected to be the successor to North Korea's "Dear Leader," was also named to the Central Committee of the party. And just prior to this, during the party conference, Kim Jong Un was promoted to a four-star general.
Kim Jong Il served a 20-year apprenticeship at his father's side. But with Kim Jong Il, now 68, and in poor health after suffering a stroke, analysts think succession plans have accelerated.
Kim Jong Il prioritized the military and bypassed the party. One key question if Kim Jong Un does inherit leadership: Can he sustain his grandfather's and father's legacy, even as North Koreans go hungry while the country pours money into its nuclear program and military?

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