Sunday, September 19, 2010

North Korea document names Kim Jong-Un as heir

North Korea's ruling party has named the son of absolute leader Kim Jong-Il as his heir apparent in an official document, a Japanese daily the Tokyo Shimbun said on Sunday.

The newspaper quoted North Korean sources, and said it had seen photographs showing parts of the document, which it added was circulated by senior officials in the party's central Pyongyang chapter.

The text said Jong-Un had "received a revolutionary education and influence from the beloved supreme commander (Kim Jong-Il) and his respected mother to equip himself with the dignity and qualities necessary for a great successor to the Songun (military-first) revolution," according to the daily.

It added that Kim Jong-Il had put his heart into giving his son the "qualities of an all-conquering great commander and an outstanding statesman excellent both in the arts of pen and sword".

The document quoted the son as saying that the leader has "taught me a profound truth about the rifle troops and helped me build ties with them".


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