Thursday, December 27, 2007

North Korean activist Yoo Sang-joon released

Miraculously, Yoo Sang-joon was released and returned to Korea, in amazing accordance with our prayers, claiming that he would be returned by Christmas.

As you know, other activists like Choi Young-hoon and Steven Kim served four years, others over two years, etc. So only four months was amazing!

In November, a representative from our coalition here in Seoul to help Yoo attended a judicial proceeding in China dealing with Yoo's case.

We had heard beforehand that a penalty fee for Yoo's "crimes" had been decided upon by the court. So we coalition members contributed to this amount and a legal fee. Of course, no one here is so naive as to believe that some unpleasant roadblocks would not lie ahead, but there was genuine hope (and faith) that the combined effects of international advocacy from the US, Europe, UK, HK, etc. and the pre-Olympic timing might work.

And [as we put feet to our prayers], the Lord answered wonderfully!

--Tim Peters