Friday, March 17, 2006

Accepting North Korean refugees and U.S. security

Accepting refugees North Korea is a challenge because of security issues involved, but the U.S. could certainly do more to open up to them, a presidential adviser said Thursday.
Stephen Hadley, head of the National Security Council, said the issue involves a "trade-off" between opening up and helping the refugees and national security.
"You want to be open to people. You want to be open to refugees," Hadley said at a question-and-answer session with the U.S. Institute of Peace. " the same time, we cannot be (in) a position of letting people into our country who, at the end of the day, do harm to it," he said.
"It's a balance test," Hadley said. "And in many instances, we have not gotten the balance right.""And the president has given the Secretary of State clear guidance that one of her challenges is to relook at these things and make sure we've gotten the balance right," he said.
[Yonhap News]

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