Thursday, March 23, 2006

Men who have laid down their lives for others

John Yoon is a 64-year-old Korean-American, Korean born. He was arrested in May 2005 while working to help North Korean refugees. He has gone to China multiple times. When the Chinese authorities arrested him they showed him three notebooks they had compiled on him and this group. He has some serious medical conditions… and winter is [upon him] in his unheated prison in northern China.

Jeffrey Park (Korean-American) fell into a river while trying to help six North Korean refugees across a river from China to Myamar, and was lost. He had given the group’s last life preserver to one of the refugees.

Choi Young-hun, a Korean, was leading a group of 5 NGOs who bought a fishing-boat. They planned to use it to ship 60 refugees to South Korea. Just days before they were going to set out, Chinese authorities arrested the group, including Choi. I don’t know how the Chinese authorities found out. Maybe they were betrayed for the bounty that Chinese authorities put on refugees and those helping them. Choi has been in prison for 3 years and is in poor health.

--An account by Tim Peters, as published in Korean Liberator

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