Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tim Peters’ Mission in Life

Tim Peters, head of Helping Hands Korea, is a soft-spoken man who has taken on an imposing mission; to feed starving North Koreans. His organization also helps North Korean refugees by operating secret shelters in China and an underground railroad which helps North Koreans escape to freedom. Peters is also an advocate for the North Korean people, having testified before Congress and spoken about North Korea’s human rights crisis before numerous gatherings.

Tim Peters is a good man trying to do his best in a precarious position. As a foreigner in Korea, he is limited in the things he can say and still stay in the country. He seems to believe (rightfully, in my opinion) that his mission in directly aiding North Korean refugees is more important than calling the South Korean government to task for abandoning them.

We are all given different gifts and Peters’ greatest gift is his ability to aid North Korean refugees from South Korea and to get their stories to the outside world.

In the end, it is the Korean people who will have to demand a change in South Korean government policy.

By Andy Jackson, Korean Liberator

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