Saturday, May 13, 2006

Missionary becomes ‘Seoul Saver’

For years as an underground activist Tim Peters was a voice in the wilderness, but now people are taking notice. Last week Time magazine dubbed him a "Seoul Saver" and splashed his image across the cover of its Asia edition.

"I guess the days of me being underground are long gone," he joked. "It's out there, you can't put the worms back in the can!"

Like his apartment, he explained, he was half underground anyway, "But this takes visibility to a whole new level," Peters said.

While that exposure means that he has to be more careful in choosing his trips to China, he is glad that the plight of North Koreans is being "put on the radar."

Now his days are taken up giving interviews, writing speeches and raising the profile of his work. He describes himself as a "facilitator, an appropriator of funds."

[Excerpt of an article by Jane Cooper, The Korea Herald]

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