Sunday, May 14, 2006

Tim Peters credits his wife

During his interview with The Korea Herald, Tim Peters spoke of a successful rescue that happened the day before. For that individual North Korean to be "delivered" to a safe haven, he didn't need to be there in the "battlefield" himself. Instead, he coordinated the effort through his Asian partners.

Peters founded Helping Hands Korea in 1996 on his third stint in Korea. At that time there was a famine in the North and he realized that his mission was to help "North Koreans in crisis."

Now that his organization is gaining recognition, he says the credit should go to his wife. He describes her as "unique person" for being able to put up with the challenges of being a missionary's wife. "My wife is a saint," he said. During their marriage, he estimates that they have had to move houses 50 times. During other periods, they had to do visa runs every 90 days with all five children in tow.

"She could have so easily given up on me in the last 30 years," he said, adding that she has sacrificed and endured so much. He said that she always had a deep respect for his calling and probably bit her lip every time she doubted what they were doing.

[Excerpt of an article by Jane Cooper, The Korea Herald]

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