Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kim Jong-un following in his family footsteps pushing ‘military-first’

North Korea’ s Kim Jong-un, son of Kim Jong-il, is making unofficial rounds to munitions factories in the communist state, encouraging the modernization of technology in the manufacture of weapons and following his father’s footsteps in songun, or “military-first,” politics, according to Radio Free Asia (RFA) on Wednesday.

Kim Jong-un wants all factories to implement computer numerical control (CNC), which enables the automation of machines with computer-assisted technology. South Korean government officials have said that the technical term is being used in connection with Kim Jong-un because the technology is new in North Korea - suggesting the rise of a young new leader intent on modernizing military production.

According to a source, Kim Jong-un is visiting production lines in North Hamgyong and Jagang, and munitions factories were the first to receive orders to implement CNC to “set an example” for the entire country. The new technology is utilized to develop more weapons.

 [JoongAng Ilbo]

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