Friday, November 26, 2010

North Koreans praising its leaders after North-South skirmish

Engulfed in a victorious mood, North Korea is praising Kim Jong-il and heir apparent Kim Jong-un, reports in and out of the country said Friday, adding weight to views linking the communist state’s recent attack against South Korea with its succession plans.

Although the two Koreas have exchanged fire near their maritime border from time to time, it is rare for Pyongyang to directly threaten the lives of civilians, leading to speculation that the attack was designed to consolidate loyalty among its people toward the incoming leader Kim Jong-un.

The skirmish took place only months after the reclusive state unveiled to the world its plans to transfer power from ailing leader Kim Jong-il to his youngest son Jong-un, believed to be still in his 20s. North Korea has been praising its leader and heir apparent for “successfully defeating South Korea’s provocation,” Daily NK reported, quoting a source in Pyongyang. 

The totalitarian regime was also reported to say “there will be nothing but victory” for the North with the youthful and strong heir apparent leading them. Japan’s Kyodo News also reported a mood of victory in Pyongyang, quoting a North Korean who said its military had “strongly countered” the provocation by Seoul for the safety of its people.

Such a mood raises concerns of further military provocations by North Korea.

[Korean Herald

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