Saturday, February 19, 2011

Boarding school for children of North Korean defectors

A boarding school for children of North Korean defectors will open in Seoul next week, aimed at offering Korean language lessons to those from low-income households. 

Some defector children have difficulty adapting to general local schools. Among other things, they cannot speak the Korean language well due to their long stay in other countries such as China before entering South Korea.

In consideration of the fact that their parents usually return home late after work, the school will be operated as a boarding school. Tuition fees and boarding expenses will be offered free of charge. According to North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity (NKIS), the Samheung School will start its first semester on February 25. 

“We will help them gain a basic academic background and offer cultural and sports activities so that they can attend a local school and better adapt to society,” said Kim Myung-sung, director general of NKIS, which is composed of defectors who have graduated from North Korean universities.

The school’s first principal is Chae Kyoung-hee, 41, former mathematics teachers at a middle school in North Hamkyoung Province in the North. She also taught in Hanawon, a resettlement center for defectors here.


Anonymous said...

Who is funding this school?

Flow said...

I've read that it is the NK Intellectuals Society.