Thursday, December 31, 2009

S. Korean supporters rally to support US Activist detained in North Korea

Scores of South Koreans rallied in Seoul in support of human rights activist Robert Park, a Korean-American who crossed into North Korea on his own from China last week.

Activist Jo Sung-rae has known Park for about 10 years. He says Park planned his action by himself, but Jo offers his support.

Rally leader Seo Seok-gu says he expects that fear will lead North Korea to deport Park very soon. He says the world's conscience is focused on North Korea's next move in the Park case. If the North treats him harshly, he says, there will be a strong global media backlash. So, he says, North Korea will probably deport him.

Park said in a recent interview he is willing to be executed if it will spur international governments to action on North Korean human rights.

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