Sunday, October 24, 2010

North Korean defectors in vice busts in Japan

North Korean defectors appear to be traveling to Japan to earn an income in the adult entertainment industry, with a series of arrests having been made in Tokyo.

A woman who defected from North Korea to South Korea was recently deported from Japan after being convicted of illegally operating an adult salon.

The woman fled North Korea for South Korea in July 2004, but she came to Japan in April 2006 after experiencing financial difficulties in South Korea. One was quoted by the police as saying: "We defected from North Korea because our lives there were difficult, but our lives didn't improve in South Korea. In Japan, we earned a lot, partly thanks to the strong yen."

The woman first mentioned opened the adult salon in January last year, and was arrested in May this year. Nine other defectors from North Korea, all women, have also been arrested.

The women said they had sent part of the income to relatives in North Korea, according to the police.
Police believe word that good money can be made by starting an adult entertainment business in Japan has been spreading among North Korean defectors. 

[Yomiuri Shimbun]

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