Friday, October 08, 2010

North Koreans ‘have the honor of serving’ Kim Jong Un

In an interview with AP on Friday, a senior North Korean official seemed to confirm that Kim Jong-un, the youngest son of Kim Jong-il, will eventually succeed his father.

North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il (in sunglasses), and his youngest son, Kim jong-un (in black suit, between military officers), recently inspecting troops.
Yang Hyong-sop, vice president of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly, which is the North Korean Parliament, told the news agency:

“Our people take pride in the fact that they are blessed with great leaders from generation to generation. Our people are honored to serve the great President Kim Il-sung and the great leader Kim Jong-il…. Now we also have the honor of serving young Gen. Kim Jong-un.” 

His reported use of the present tense — that the people of North Korea are already “serving” Kim Jong-un — might not, in fact, mean that the leader’s son already holds power. For North Korea’s reclusive regime, it seems, there is no important distinction made between the past, the present and the future when it comes to the Kims.

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