Sunday, January 09, 2011

Celebration of North Korea’s heir apparent's birthday

North Korea’s heir apparent celebrated his first birthday Saturday since making his public debut.

There is no indication that the birthday of Kim Jong-Un -–January 8-- has been designated as a public holiday in the communist state, which is immersed in a personality cult built around its founding family. 

Pyongyang’s propaganda machine gave no indication as to whether the country was celebrating the younger Kim’s birthday as a public holiday, with North Korean 2011 calendars indicating that January 8 is an ordinary Saturday. 

A South Korean official said Thursday that North Korea had arranged low-profile celebrations. But PSCORE, an anti-Pyongyang activist group, quoted sources in the North’s northern city of Musan as saying that goods such as soap, underwear and liquor were being transported by train to be handed out to people on the birthday. 

South Korean hackers apparently celebrated the birthday of Kim Jong-Un in their own particular fashion!

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