Tuesday, January 25, 2011

North Korea reportedly executes 2 over S. Korean leaflets

A man and a woman caught reading South Korean propaganda were executed in North Korea Monday, activists reported.

The people executed were a 45-year-old woman accused of reading a propaganda leaflet and failing to report it, and a regional military officer charged with pocketing the money sent along with the leaflets, The Chosun Ilbo reported.

Choi Sung-yong, the head of Family Assembly Abducted to North Korea, said North Korean security services collected about 500 people and forced them to watch the execution.

Choi said the families of the two people were sent to a camp for political prisoners in South Pyongan province. And he added, "It seems North Korea is stepping up monitoring and crackdowns on people who read or listen to anti-communist propaganda to ensure the hereditary transfer of power" from Kim to his son Jong Un.

North Korean defectors said people who handle anti-communist leaflet are required to notify authorities.

[United Press International]

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